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You can use Replicate to run machine learning models in the cloud from your own code, without having to set up any servers.
Replicate - Run Open-Source ML Models with a Cloud API
Machine learning doesn’t need to be so hard. Run open-source models with a cloud API.
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Replicate is a company that aims to make machine learning more accessible and safer for everyone to use. Machine learning has the potential to do many impressive things, such as understanding the world, driving cars, writing code, and creating art. However, it can be difficult for people without advanced expertise to take research published in PDFs and apply it to real-world problems.

Replicate wants to change this by creating a platform that allows people to share machine learning models in a way that is easy for others to use. The company also believes that better tools and safeguards will make machine learning safer and easier to understand. Replicate is a small team made up of professionals with diverse backgrounds in machine learning, engineering, and product development.

The company is located in Berkeley, California, and operates as a remote-first company across American and European time zones. Replicate is currently hiring designers and infrastructure engineers to join its team.

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