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Palette is a tool that allows users to add color to black-and-white photos, style artwork, or amplify existing modern photos with some AI magic.
Palette FM
Palette - AI Colorizer
"A new AI colorizer. Colorize anything from old black and white photos 📸, style your artworks 🎨, or give modern images a fresh look 🌶. It's as simple as instagram, free, and no sign-up required!
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Palette was developed as a side project while the creator, Emil, was working at Google, but it quickly became his full-time passion. He is constantly working on new features for Palette, including making it faster, adding an API and bulk colorization, and video colorization, as well as a new AI model that significantly improves the quality of the results.

Users can colorize and download images without credits, but the maximum allowed resolution is 25 megapixels. One credit is required to download a colorized image in its original size, but making a colorization and downloading a low-resolution colorization does not require any credits.

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