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Notion is testing a new feature called Notion AI that allows users to input a task or prompt and the app will generate content for the user. The feature is designed to help with repetitive writing tasks and also to save time.
Notion AI
Notion AI - An AI Writing Assistant for Notion
Leverage the limitless power of AI in any Notion page. Write faster, think bigger, and augment your creativity. Like magic!
Notion AI Homepage

Notion AI can handle the first draft of any type of content, from blog posts and meeting agendas to social media posts and sales emails. Simply provide a prompt or topic, and Notion AI will generate a professional and engaging piece of content in seconds. Notion AI is also an expert brainstormer, helping you come up with new and innovative ideas on any topic.

And with its editing capabilities, Notion AI can summarize, fix spelling and grammar, and translate text inline, saving you time and effort.

The feature is currently in private alpha testing and will be rolled out slowly. The generated content is intended to be a starting point for the user, who can then edit and improve it. Since it is still in early development, it may not always produce accurate or complete content.

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