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About this site

Centralized AI is an independent publication launched in December 2022.

The goal of this site is to cover all AI tools and product releases, as well as trends and the latest news.

This page will be updated and should be considered incomplete. Currently, we're busy writing reviews and creating a system where we can write about new tools and keep up-to-date with everything we have already published. Without such a system, there's a high chance that the individual listings would go stale.

Affiliate Disclosure

We use affiliate links, which is made clear on every listing where an affiliate link is present. Obviously, disclosing this is mandatory because of FTC regulations, but more than that - we put a lot of work into building this site, and we'd prefer not to use traditional ads (the likes of AdSense).

It goes without saying that using affiliate links or being partnered with specific brands and products does not influence our opinion. Neither does it force us to favor some tools over others. The listings on this site are straightforward - they're always shown in descending order (the newest listings are always on top).

Centralized AI

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